Rise Into The conscious

Heal In Awareness

Shift Into Healing

Conscious Body Intelligence

In the present collective humans have shifted away from Original Nature.

This innate Body Intelligence is aware of thinking, feeling, emotion, body sensations’ constant change.

Disconnected from this natural body intelligence, individuals linger in an out of balance state of pain and suffering.

Our mission is to support the seekers of healing to reconnect with this deep body intelligence for psyche trauma healing.

We teach how to access this healing modality freely and at will with the vision that all of humanity remembers that consciousness is the do-er; it moves the individual knowingly, expressing through Wu Wei & Zerotation — one healed psyche at a time!

Will you allow this healing to begin through you NOW?

Health = Power

Your Natural State is Balance & Balance Rests in Health

This is foundation upon which health is built. Address the cause, restore your power. Anything now that is out of this balance can be restored.

Restore Immunity

Today more than ever detoxification is top priority for all. Exposure to heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, GMO, plastics, glyphosate and amalgams disrupt bodily function.

Restore Peace

The current human experience is filled with trauma. The resulting psyche disruptions hinder your inner flow of health and results in much illness and disease.

Restore Connection

The body is like a living plant with its own intelligence. When you listen and cooperate, it will just work fine with fully functional brains well into advanced age.


Resources & Wisdom

Our Collaborative


Bonno Ray

As a trauma facilitator, educator, health researcher and writer I am mostly interested in healing trauma and identification, preventive medicine, energy medicine and mystic/soul based (depth) psychology, as my focal areas. In connection to sessions I enjoy the use of astrology as a tool to diagnose, optimize the energy flow, see the original blueprint, trace the family inheritance, parental entanglements, and ancestral imprints.

It is natural and extremely simple to facilitate and support the whole person in self-healing of any imbalance possible and it’s time to share how to apply this wisdom. The main aim being your own doctor, shrink and healer.