About Rayspect.org

Rayspect.org is a non-profit trauma healing organisation. Its main aim is to make trauma healing available for all people. 

Trauma healing is extremely simple. Everyone can learn it and assist others in healing trauma. Rayspect.org is built through  collective and individual contributions and continually expands in knowledge.  

Through our education we provide experts with a platform and common people with the knowledge needed. Rayspect.org gives you the best available natural information found and experienced that aid to be whole, sane, healthy and make us function as designed.

About Bonno Ray

Bonno Ray is an expert Astrologer, Healthcare Worker Geriatric Care, a Creative Designer & Photographer — creative exploration, through fine art photography, design and art are his passions!

He is the Founder of Soulmatic Psychology, Embodiment & Body Intelligence Assistance a project born out of the insight gained from 30 years’ experience in the healthcare sector and over 4 decades of passionate research through various modalities including the Surat Shabd Initiation for Meditation, Basis Polarity Therapy training, Vipassana and Naturopathy.

Bonno is very inspired by the work of Dr. Randalph Stone, Ray Castellino, Franklynn Sills, APPPAH birthpyschology.com, Cherionna Menzam Sills, Emilie Conrad, Mia Kalef and William R. Emerson and the growing field of study and research of prenatal and birth trauma psychology. He firmly believes that in the womb everything is formed and that that is where all the answers for healing can be found. Originally from the Netherlands, Bonno Ray currently lives in Denmark with his daughter. 

Our Approach

We combine unique knowledge about the connection between identity and trauma…

  • focus on simplicity
  • combined unique knowledge about the connection between identity and trauma
  • make trauma healing available to all
  • free education for basic whole person healing based on the true causes
  • create connections based on how identity functions from a mystic perspective
  • healing identification, identity disorders and trauma in combination with knowledge about plant-based diet, body movement, hydration and a complete, easy-to-understand natural philosophy
  • avoiding complicated Western mind-based psychology in order to address the main issue, which is connection to soul